Superbowl and snow storms

7 02 2010

At the moment Twitter is over capacity. AWESOME. Aren’t people watching the Super Bowl? Is this the first year we are tweeting while watching the Super Bowl? Here in the DC area I blame the more than 20 inches of snow we got this weekend – otherwise know as the “snowpacalypse”, “snowgasm” and “snowmaggedon” — for the lack of Super Bowl parties, leaving millions stranded on their own couches watching the game with just their iPhone, BB or Droid. Happy tweeting!

Also, I loved that the Federal Government announced that it will be closed in the DC area tomorrow during the opening game coverage. What better way to reach the DC population? This way you get to know pre-game how much you can party, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow, so why not live it up? Even if it isn’t at the Super Bowl party you were planning to go to. Unless you were the host and are now unfortunately stuck with a ton of snacks and drinks.

Now, the reason we really watch the game…the ads. There was quite the firestorm of conversation on Twitter about the quality of ads. I personally loved the Google ad — but it did go a little quickly. I felt that the minute I was reading what was being searched for, they were on to the next search. PRproSanDiego had some great insight, that it was meant for those with ADD, and I agree. The chatter also indicates that Google is ‘the man’ and no one is really ready to support them, Denny’s seems to be the clear winner. I have to agree, results are what matters. If Denny’s gets the customers in the door tomorrow, then that’s what counts. Does Google really need more users? Do they need PR? When the name of your company has become a verb — I think you’ve done enough. I guess they can afford to spend the money though, so why not? That’s not exactly PR strategy.





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