Faithful Apple

4 08 2010

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I am an AVID Apple lover. As we all know, you either love or you hate Apple, there isn’t much of an in-between. OK, maybe those who are too afraid to leave their virus infected PCs. I got my first Apple computer my senior year of college and I have been in love ever since. Let’s start at the beginning.

Apple Love

My dell PC had melted its own video card. After their tech support told me I should put my laptop in my freezer while i saved any files off the hard drive to keep it from catching on fire, I decided I had enough. My mother’s reaction was “well, aren’t you a little rebel” when I chose to get an Apple. Really? Is that what a government computer programmer in her 50’s thinks? She’s afraid of the change. So, of course, I ‘rebelled’.  I have had the iPhone since it first came out and I have never regretted it. I even took it on a business trip to France in 2008 and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to continue communication with my now fiance that led to him meeting me in Paris for the most romantic weekend of my life. Thank you iPhone.

There is also nothing left to be desired at the Genius bar. To have a person and a place to take my computer or phone when I’m having problems is a god-send.  When I got my iPhone4 and got home to set it up on my MacBook Pro I was told that since I didn’t have Leopard OS, I couldn’t use my phone with my computer. I was still running Tiger. To upgrade would cost $100’s. Great. So I took my computer to my local Apple store and asked if I could just buy the upgrade for $35. The Genius told me that technically I need to buy Leopard (which they don’t sell anymore) and THEN upgrade to Snow Leopard for $35. BUT, the upgrade alone might work, but he couldn’t tell me that. I asked if he minded if I sat in the store and ran the upgrade if he would come and check on me every so often. Amazingly, he did the whole upgrade for me — and when it came time to upload the new software, he brought me one of the Genius Bar fancy orange hard drives. You know what I’m talking about, the good stuff. He winked and told me this would be faster than the upgrade CD I had just purchased. What he did was give me the Leopard OS and then upgrade me to Snow Leopard. He saved me a couple $100!!

Thank you Apple. Thank you Genius Bar and un-named Genius.



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