About Laura

My name is Laura Gajewski and I am a communications professional.

I am a 2007 graduate of The American University, where I earned my degree in Public Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice and several classes in graphic design. I am currently serving as the Communications Manager for a small trade association. Each day I strive to provide our members and the members of the media with outstanding assistance whether they are looking to interview a member, or are being interviewed. I take pride in the fact that I consistently surpass the expectations of those I assist. To succeed in this type of position one must possess excellent interpersonal skills and a relentless work ethic; two of my strongest professional attributes. I have been with this association since July 2007 and have gained the knowledge and experience in setting up conferences with more than 3,000 attendees and handling all media relations of said conferences, both domestic and abroad. I have been a major editorial contributor to the past eight issues of our magazine, and work closely with our publishing firm to complete each issue. This company has provided me the opportunities to write speeches, articles and press releases on a weekly basis, making writing one of my strongest skills. I am also responsible for writing and publishing a weekly and daily newsletter as well as a monthly chapter newsletter, that is sent to our membership, keeping them informed on industry as well as headquarters news.

Additionally, my background includes Customer Relations/Communications and Public Relations experience. Working for one of the most trusted and reputable companies in the travel industry, as well as years of retail management, I have worked with all types of individuals under many different circumstances. I have working knowledge of desktop publishing software in the Adobe CS2 suite – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, having taken classes in all of them. I also created two Public Relations campaigns with these programs; one was a re-design of current menus, business cards and stationery for Pastries by Randolph, the second as a project for the Apple iPhone.

Recently I have been expanding my horizons at the office and trying to get my foot into any door I can. The newest venture of our tiny communications team, just my boss and I, has been to blog for our CEO. Our CEO is very excited about Twitter, Facebook and any other social media you can imagine, as he should be. This is a trend in business that can no longer be ignored. Sure, many of us shuddered when Twitter was invented. What possible use could 140 characters do for anyone? The more we explored and opened our eyes we were amazed, and continue to be amazed. So here I am, a blog, a twitter account, a LinkedIn page and reading more notes and ideas from other PR professionals and media outlets than I ever have before.

This blog is my exploration and growth as a PR professional and as a person just trying to communicate more effectively in her life – in every aspect. I’ll discuss what I try, what works, what fails, what I wish I could try and what everyone else is doing. I also want to examine how these seemingly ‘professional’ tactics can be used in our personal lives, in our own personal growth.

I am originally from Washington, D.C. and grew up on Capitol Hill. I am an only child and my parents have always worked hard to support and educate me. My mother and father both graduated with undergraduate degrees from George Washington University (GWU). My father went on the get his Ph.D. from GWU in economics and has worked for the government in the Dept. of Agriculture. He changed to the private sector to work for a contracting firm that aids other countries in developing their infrastructure and businesses. When he changed jobs our family moved to Yerevan, Armenia where we lived for three years in the early 1990’s while he taught at their University and worked closely with the government to improve it. Our family moved to Arlington, VA at the end of that trip where I finished school and my parents still live today. My mother has worked for the Federal Government at the US Census Bureau since 1980, working on the unemployment survey every month. I strive to be an open-minded liberal woman, raised by a democratic family that teaches love, acceptance and the pursuit of your ideas and questions.


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