“I had the good fortune to work with Laura for several years. During that time she always displayed a positive attitude for her assignments and colleagues. She learned tasks quickly and looked for ways to do things better. She was instrumental in launching several new Social Media efforts. She taught herself to use new tools and adapted new technology to the organization. I’m proud to have been associated with Laura and I’m sure she will continue to succeed and excel in the future.” August 16, 2010

Bill Maloney, CTC , CEO , ASTA-American Society of Travel Agents
managed Laura indirectly at American Society of Travel

“Laura is a detail-oriented, attentive, and hard-working communications professional. During the two years I have worked with her, I have consistently admired the skill and professionalism she has brought to her job. Whether connecting reporters with subject matter experts or shepherding top-quality publications from inception to completion, Laura’s work product speaks for itself. She would be an asset to any organization looking for a political or corporate communications professional.” July 29, 2010

Colin Tooze , Vice President, Government Affairs , American Society of Travel Agents
managed Laura indirectly at American Society of Travel Agents

“One of Laura’s best attributes is the ability to connect with the people around her at every level. With a great personality, she excels in establishing new working relationships, which I feel makes her a highly-valuable asset to any organization. Given a chance to show what she can do with a project, Laura is capable of a job well done.” August 28, 2009

Dannette Hose, Director, Partner Marketing & Member Retention, American Society of Travel Agents
managed Laura indirectly at American Society of Travel Agents

“Laura is one of the most pleasant people to work with. She takes pride in her job and accomplishments. She is able make and manage tight deadlines and is always looking to do more to help the organization and our members.” May 28, 2009

Anne Parnell, Webmaster, American Society of Travel Agents
worked directly with Laura at American Society of Travel Agents

“Laura is a successful project manager who has a keen eye for detail. Her ability to juggle multiple projects while maintaining a high level of proficiency is impressive.” May 18, 2009

Bethany Mills, Database Administrator, ASTA
worked with Laura at American Society of Travel Agents

“I have worked with Laura for the last 12months and in that time I have found her to be highly professional and efficient. She has been my principle contact on the ASTA magazine projects I work on and has shown that she is able to work to deadlines and briefs as well as use her own initiative. A reliable contact is an invaluable commodity and Laura has constantly proved that she is up to the job.” May 18, 2009

Jonathan Olley, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Under contract to Absolute Publishing
was with another company when working with Laura at American Society of Travel Agents

“Laura is talented and mature beyond her years. She excels at whatever she puts her mind to and whatever challenge she is given. Her capacity to handle projects without a great deal of supervision and her ability to work well with others both in and outside ASTA serves her well. She repeatedly demonstrates a high level attention to detail, as well as initiative and follow-through. Laura is bright and well-spoken, and her ability to communicate with a wide variety of audiences made her a natural.” May 14, 2009

Kristina Rundquist, Vice President/Communications, American Society of Travel Agents
managed Laura at American Society of Travel Agents

“During Laura’s time as a summer intern at my magazine, she was an incredibly quick learner and exceeded my expectations in both the quantity and quality of her work. Though I planned to have her write only departmental copy, she proved her mettle to the point where I gave her a feature assignment. We ended up publishing her article in a subsequent issue. In addition to her job skills, Laura had a professional work demeanor and was both reliable and personable throughout her internship. It was a pleasure working with her.” May 11, 2009

Kent Kiser, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Scrap Magazine/ISRI
managed Laura at ISRI


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